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Make your life easier with Deskman — install it and forget about support or security issues.

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Download and install Deskman, free. Try the full version for 30 days. Requirements: Windows 7/8/10 and Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Internet Explorer 10 (or better).New version! Check the list of changes

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Current version: 5.2.6096.43214

Lock Down Windows with Deskman

Block Anything

Hide the Start Menu, disable Ctrl-Alt-Del, disable the Control Panel, block Windows Explorer, protect desktop icons, disable USB drives...


Deskman is amazingly easy to use, and gets the job done. Apply restrictions and lock down workstations consistently.

Network Sync

Synchronize restrictions over your network automatically. Set up all workstations from any point, without breaking a sweat.

Kiosk Mode

Lock down desktops the way you want. Combine restrictions. Build a limited Start Menu.

Control Center

Every installation includes its own control center. Keep track of everything, everywhere.

Application Filter

Stop unwanted applications. Allow only a list of executables or folders. Block software installation.

Website Filter

Block websites, with your exceptions. Works with Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Internet Explorer.

Tablet Support

Deskman also works on Windows tablets and supports high resolution displays. Protect workstations and tablets, sync them all.

Windows 10 Support

Deskman fully supports Windows 10. Hide the Start Menu, disable Cortana, block sites on Microsoft Edge, disable File Explorer's ribbon...

Unattended Setup

Install Deskman and sync automatically with other installations. Silent setup and automatic configuration over your network.

Making Life Easier for Administrators


Administrators rejoice! Enable maintenance locally or remotely to remove restrictions when needed.

Safe Task Manager

Your own, configurable, Task Manager. Making sure users won't mess with processes.

Activity Log

Keep track of everything Deskman does, with full search capabilities. Audit security policies.

Reduce Security Risks

Protect critical areas, disable system keys, stop software installation and limit website access.

Access Control

All users will be subject to a set of restrictions, based on your requirements.

Don't Waste Your Time

Deskman is very easy to use. Set up single, or multiple, systems fast. Configure them remotely.

What They Say | Our Customers

Deskman secures your PC against many abuses and invasions. If you share a PC with others, or for some other reason want to lock down specific parts of your PC, give Deskman a whirl. It lets you block an astonishing number of Windows features. PCWorld Review

May I congratulate you on your excellent customer service. (...) It is refreshing to deal with a customer-focussed company. Dwight Potvin

Thanks again for your service. We are happy with your protection software. Arthur Staal, School Manager

I'm delighted with the excellent service you have given me. Thank you very much! Bob Wainwright

Thanks, I've got it running on my production server now. Everything is back to normal now. Thank you for the excellent support! Zachary Taffet

Whether you’re a system administrator or a parent who wants more control on a public or group computer, it’s not easy locking down a computer, especially with customized restrictions. This is where Deskman from Anfibia will help tremendously. MakeUseOf Review

Seagate, New York University, Pythian, Amway, Sytronics, Regions Hospital, Yaskawa America Inc., York Regional Police
SIEMENS, Maricopa School District, Delphi, Novartis, ToolWatch, Sotera Wireless, Embarcadero YMCA, Oregon Health & Science University
Penn State Smeal College of Business, HMR Labs, M-I SWACO, KPMG, Baerlocher, Sun Peaks Resort, Stiefel PTS GmbH
Cambridge University Press, Wrocław University of Technology, Finnish Tax Administration, Janssen Biologics, BC Hydro

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Documentation included with installation and also available online. Check the FAQ to solve your questions, or contact us.


Deskman is not in the cloud — the software is installed and managed by the user. More about privacy. Also, check the terms and conditions.

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