System Security and Desktop Lockdown for Everyone

Deskman is an advanced security management solution for Windows. Now available in two different flavors: classic and network.

Lock down workstations with Deskman. Create secure environments at work, school or home. Easily.

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Lock Down PCs

Tightly secure desktops and lock down workstations. Effectively.

Easy and Powerful

Deskman is really easy to use, and gets the job done.

Block Apps & Webs

Block all webs and applications, except for the ones you want.

Network Sync

Synchronize security settings over your network automatically.

Main Features

Deskman provides you with plenty of options

One-Button Security

Deskman is very easy to use. Press one button to lock down workstations the way you want.

Kiosk Mode

Lock down desktops, allowing only the apps you want. Set up your own kiosk mode.

Simple Maintenance

Administrators rejoice — enable Maintenance Mode to remove restrictions when needed.

Tons of Restrictions

Hide the Start Menu, disable Ctrl-Alt-Del, disable the Control Panel, block Windows Explorer...

Block Applications

Create a safe environment. Stop unwanted applications. Allow only a list of programs.

Safe Web Browsing

Block websites, with your exceptions. Works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

PLUS! Management and synchronization

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What's New

New features and improvements on Deskman Network 3

Wallpaper Sync New!

Make sure your corporate wallpaper remains always the same, no matter what users do.

Control Center New!

A revamped Control Center from where to view synced installations and access them remotely.

Public Dashboard New!

Allow access to the dashboard, without logging in. Also, maintenance mode expires, in case you forget.

PLUS! new restrictions and tons of improvements and fixes.

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How to Set Up Deskman

A video guide for beginners

Choose Your Deskman Version

Or try both and decide which one best suits your needs

Deskman Classic

Suited for protecting single workstations.

Single Copies

If you plan to install Deskman on one PC.

Isolated Locations

If you don't have, or need, network/internet access.

Deskman Network

Suited for protecting multiple workstations/tablets.

Multiple Copies

If you plan to protect multiple PCs in your organization.


If you want to access Deskman via web.

Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
32bit, 64bit
Current Versions
Deskman 15.1.1 — ChangelogScreenshots
Deskman Network 3.0.1 — ChangelogScreenshot
Full versions available for evaluation, for free for 30 days. Try before you buy. No questions asked.
Deskman is not in the cloud — the software is installed and managed by the user.
User's Guide included with installation and also available online:
Deskman Classic Help
Deskman Network Help